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Word Tree

This is our word tree of quotes and words that have meaning and value to us, the students in Delvin Youthreach. Lynda, our teacher, asked us to think about quotes that meant something to us and that would be encouraging. We spent a lot of time planning, sketching, painting, laminating, cutting, rearranging and designing this word tree. We hit quite a few bumps along the way but we preserved and never gave up with Lynda guiding us but we were always in charge. Hopefully our word tree will inspire us on days when we need inspiring and remind us to never give up and enjoy every day.

We decided to put the name of previous and present students of Delvin Youthreach on the word tree to show that it was a team effort and that every student played their part on making this tree the best it could be. Everyone had a quote that they valued and meant something to them and they decided they want to share it with everyone to inspire the people around them.

The quote on the tree that I really like is Good things take time. This quote is inspirational and I love the message it gives to people that good things take time and if you’re looking for something great, it will take time but will happen one day.